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Da Wikipedia
I Gravediggaz erano un gruppo hip hop statunitense proveniente da Brooklyn, New York conosciuto per i temi macabri, l'oscuro senso dell'umorismo, i suoni minacciosi ed irritanti presenti nelle loro canzoni.

Gravediggaz è un acronimo che sta per: God - Ruler - Allah - Victory - Equality - Divine - I - God - God - Allah - Zig Zag Zig.
Come il nome suggerisce, il gruppo mette in risalto i toni oscuri della personalità umana e sostiene il fatto, che molta gente abbia il cervello ormai in fumo ("mentally brain-dead"), pur non accorgendosene.

I Gravediggaz si possono considerare uno dei pilastri del sottogenere hip hop Horrorcore.


(Da sinistra a destra)

-Gatekeeper Ai testi
-Grym Reaper Anche lui ai testi
-Undertaker (con la coppola ) ai beats
-RZArector Ai testi



Vi lascio i loro maggiori, a parer mio, capolavori :
I testi sono fusi con Beat cattivi a lama e hanno il loro fondo di genialità.
(Tutti i pezzi seguenti sono tratti dal loro primo Album ufficiale "6 Feet Deep"

Sotto i video lascerò uno spoiler contenente il testo :
Vi raccomando di guardare attentamente i video, che sono di una cattiveria pazzesca

Spoiler: Mostra
Suicide it's a suicide
Biddy bye bye
Suicide it's a suicide

[Verse 1: Gatekeeper]
So you wanna die, commit suicide
Dial 1-800-Cyanide line
Far as life, yo it ain't worth it
Put a rope around your neck and jerk it
The trick didn't work
Your life was fucked up from the first day of birth
After watching Jackie Gleason walk into a precinct
Gun down the captain for no fucking reason
And get some LSD or a drink from the bar
Get behind your wheel and crash the car
Like Desert Storm, got bombs for the war
Confront an alligator, let it eat ya raw
Back to the function, riding the caboose to hell
BZZZZZT touched the third rail
You fucked up chicken, now you just got fried
Cause it's a suicide


[Verse 2: Grym Reaper]
Hey you little rich kid, what's your beef?
Come and tell the Grym Reaper all of your grief
You asked for a Benz and you only got a Jeep
Your pop's got ends, but yo he's mad cheap
Maybe you're a bastard child you think
Mom and dad are white and you're dark as ink
Maybe you're Sicilian with a tan
But you hate lasagna and the pizza man
Now you stand on the grave digga plot and
You're singing the blues about the rough life you've got?
You don't wanna live no more
I guess you're really ready for the grave yard tour
When you get home just seal up your windows and you doors
Turn your oven on high for about four hours
Light you a blunt, kiss your ass goodbye
You gassed yourself, cause it's a suicide


[Interlude: Scott (the Moleman) Harding]
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Life moves pretty fast
If you don't stop and look around every once in a while
You could miss it

[Verse 3: Rzarector]
Six fucking devils stepped up playing brave God
Had the fucking nerve to try and enter my grave yard
I'm the Ryzarector, be my sacrifice
Commit suicide and I'll bring you back to life
The first was convinced
Stuck a water hose in his mouth at full blast so his head can explode
Second said hmmmm that's good but I can top it
Put an ax up to his head and then he chopped it
Blood shot out in every direction
The rest didn't know what to do, I made suggestions
Put a slug in your mug, overdose on a drug
Wet your hair stick a knife in the plug
Or be like Richard Pryor set your balls on fire
Better yet go hang yourself with a barbed wire
Three and Four fell deep into spell and
Ran to the zoo, locked themselves in a lion's den
Number Five said it ain't worth being alive
Smoked a dust joint, mixed it with cyanide
The only one to escape was number Six
He went home
Sat in the tub and slit his wrists
Yeah, more graves to dig. Goodbye
There's no need to cry
... cause we all die

Spoiler: Mostra
[Verse One: Rzarector]
Let's get it on ock, and watch the spot get blown
I be the sick lunatic with the devilish poem
From the mists of the darkness I come with this
Hittin straight, to the chest, like I'm Primatene mist
Rzarector, YAH, the fanatical type
I'm like a bat, in the night, when it's time to take flight
Here I am, in the flesh, and yes I love sess
I'm obsessed, by the sounds, the track posess
Intellectual, killer, special majestical
Open up the devil's helm that's hanging from my testicles
Nowhere to run to ba-bay
There's nowhere to hide

[Verse Two: Grym Reaper]
Ahh... fuckit! Another day, another ducat
From here to Nantucket MC's kick the bucket
I'm rugged and rough blowing up till I bust
While other rappers is flatter than a white girl's butt
I manifest my name and the reason I came in the first place
Words shake your brain just like an earthquake
A lot of people admit that I am raw
I cover my ass like a V-I-M, store
My jaws are real wicked like Dahmer
A whole alma mater of niggas is like a meal ticket
There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
There's nowhere to hide

[Verse Three: Gatekeeper]
As a child, a bad seed, was on the prowl
Runnin mad wild, cause death was my style
The crazy, maniac, yo lunatic
I circle like a shark when the fresh blood drips
Needles to the pin now you're in
I eat em then I feed em chop chop rippin sheets from your skin
Terrorism, with the RZA and the Grym
Problem one now begins, hah!
Shrink up your skull to the size of a tweeter
Record to the meter, so tell me who could be the next one
Gravediggaz complex death oath
And watch Gate keep, kill a fucking note
Here we go, I'm cursed with dawn you was warned
And now, I'm slayin every new firstborn
There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
There's nowhere to hide
There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
You best to stay inside
You best to stay inside

[Verse Four: Rzarector]
Here comes the drastic...[Protect Ya Neck intro]
Ha sike!... attacking, attacking, attacking, ATTACKING
I'm wrappin you bastard now prepare your casket
Death is the final step, when y'all step
To intercept, the rep, of a brother, who has kept
His status, stop the madness, that is
I flow just to show that, black, y'all can know that
Me, being wack is like naps on Kojak
Eruptions of volcanoes, o-ccur when I speak
Try to twist my dialect and get caught by tornadoes
There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
There's nowhere to hide
There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
You best to stay inside

[Outro: The Undertaker]

{Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide}
Cause there's nowhere to run, cause there's nowhere to hide
Cause there's nowhere to run, cause there's nowhere to hide
And just when you thought it was safe
From the bottomless pit, the RZA, the Keeper, the Reaper
And myself the Undertaker
Pourin gravy all on your brains, you know what I'm sayin?

Spoiler: Mostra
Lady [they killed my baby..oh God they killed my baby]
Judge [order in the court]
Lady [i will make you pay for this you murderers]
Judge [i said order in the court now! now, before this
Court passes judgement, will the four defendents
Please rise and approuch the bench]
Gravedigga [trust me guys, it's all under control
The judge is my uncle, he'll take the
Insanity plea...oh yeah, don't foget
My retained balance.]
Judge [okay, I understand you guys are pleading insanity
Claiming demonic spirits possessed you to do
These hidous murders. can you please explain
To the court how these so called spirits made
You into these raving madmen? !? !]

Verse one: Shabazz

Be a witness, as I excersize my exorcism
The evil that lurks within the sin, the terrorism
Possessed by evil spirits, voices from the dead
I come forth with gravediggaz in a head full of dread
I've been examined ever since I was seamen
They took a sonogram and seen the image of a demon
At birth the nurses surrounded my with needles
And drugged me all up with the deseases of evil
Grew up in hell, now I dwell, in an islamic temple
I'm fighting a holy war in the mental
Look deep into my eyes, you'll see visions of death
Possessed by homicide is what I'm obsessed
Giving niggaz brain dimples
Dragging they asses on my hook by they temples
The cause of death is unknown to the cops
Cause when I kill them, I'm not leavin one element to autopse
First I'll assasinate em
And them I'll cremate them
And take all of his fucking ashes and evaporate em
Or creep through the graveyard and hunt down your tombstone
Dig up your skeleton and stomp all your fucking bones
You try to haunt me nigga, I ain't trying to hear it
Buck buck buck, I'll give your ass a holy spririt.

[stressed full, try to avoid all impure
Thoughts. I am loosing my mind . . .]

[can you please explain to the court when these
Problems first began? ]

Verse two: Rzarector

The year 84, november, day 10
Overwhelmed by the wicked inspirations of an evil gen
I realize my ideas has spawned for 400 years
Of blood sweat and tears
I saw the tourture brutal murder of my father
So my brain became stained with the horror
I'm having reoccuring nightmares
Of being soaking wet, strapped down to the electric chair
I got tackled with handcuffs
And shackled in restraint
At the bottom of a holy tabernacle
They gave me nothing to eat for two weeks
And sewed my eye lids open so I couldn't sleep
About to die from thirst, that's when the minister
Quinched my jaws with a cold glass of vinegar
Upon my wounds they seasoned my with salt
And nailed my hands feet to the form of the cross
Ahh!! I cry
As the blood drips inside of my eye
Refusing to die
Visions of hell tormented my face
So I chewed my fucking arm off and made an escape.

[ oh no, me mataron mi amigo, hijo de la gran puta
Esos cogines me mataron mi amigo que voy a cerca
Carajo, cono]

[ calm down people, please calm down
Let us please procede with the
Defendents explanation ]

Verse three: Killer Priest

Enta the realms of understanding
And take good heed
And you could bleed
While I'm standing
Three stages of pure hell
Justications of red cells
*shh* rain drops hits the pelv
Path is dull and narrow
You're stalked by a shadow
I pierced your skull with a fucking arrow
So narrow, only one could enter at a time
Stuck in the center, read the signs
A thousand doors to choose
You better hurry
Don't stop, shit is getting hot as a pot of curry
On your right side there's fire
On you left, deep waters
Watch your step, it's deep waters!
What's that coming through the floor?
It's a claw
*pssh* took his fucking ass to the fucking core

Verse four: Gatekeeper

Stroll thruogh the dark conditions
I stone you till I see sparks of friction
I chop ya like a coal miner
Then combine the drug
And mix it with your blood
Some more
I give you some more
And watch you crawl
Guts hit the floor
Worms that dig your pores
I trick ya, ha, then I'm quick to syringe
Deep into my thoughts and bust out your skin
You scream, portraits of inflictable pain
You can't stand
You're up to your hands in quick sand
You're sinking and sinking deep into the earth
Thoughts was possessed since the first day of birth
My mental says it's my turn to possess the matta
Stab you with a dagga
Of jacob's ladder
Thoughts become shattered, confused, and tragic
Fiery thoughts of gravediggaz . . .

Judge [ guilty, next case. ]
Don't look inside the hole

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